Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anniversary Sale July 19-24

It's time for our annual anniversary sale. It will be 6 years on July 24 since we became owners of the store.

Sale starts on July 19 and runs all week until closing time on July 24. The store opens at 10am but we are ready early, about 9 am, the first day or two. For those who know, they can get a head start. We close at 5 pm or when the last person leaves. We have had people call so they can come after work.

The sale is 30% off the regular price of fabric, batting, thread, patterns, notions, books, paints and Accuquilt GO machines or dies. It applies to in-store inventory. Only Juki sewing machines are not included in the sale.

The batting goes quickly so much of it is gone the first day. We have ordered more Legacy batting but any time you buy the whole 8.23m bolt you gets the 30% off.

If you have any questions please email or call 519-666-3330.

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