Monday, June 21, 2010

Legacy Batting by Pellon

Today we received our first shipment of Legacy batting. Most comes in 8.2m bolts (9 yards) so you can afford a whole bolt if you have number of quilts to do. We do sell it by the metre so you can get the amount you need. Most bolts are 96" wide. We have king size (120" square) batts of 100% Natural cotton for $39.99 and 80-20 cotton-poly at $36.99. For in depth information about the variety of batts available and the properties of each, go to . I am working on stitching and washing small samples of each batt so you can feel the results before you buy. I am looking forward to trying some handquilting with the wool and flax/linen.
Right now, we have bolts of soy-cotton, bamboo-cotton, 100% cotton in both bleached and natural, 80-20 with and without scrim and polyester. For longarm quilters with a business number, we can supply batting at special rates. Email us for information.