Thursday, January 23, 2014

'Visit Your Local Quilt Shop' Starts Today

We are starting the fun today.

Prize Draw

Receive a ballot with purchase to win first, second or more prizes.

First Prize-  GO machine rolling tote       You don't need a GO to make use of this tote. 
Second Prize-  Project Storage Box        Great for taking your tools to class or workshop.
More Prizes- 3 Gift Bags with lots of neat little items 

Register Prizes-  If your receipt has the word WIN on the back, you receive something extra!


Starting today Thursday, sale fat quarters are only $1 each.  I will look for more to add if they are disappearing quickly.
Starting Friday, winter prints and patterns will be 25% off.
Starting Saturday, there will be something else but I am still thinking about that one.  Maybe something for finishing quilts?  Or, for starting quilts?  It will be a surprise.....

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