Monday, October 15, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Finally the iPad has a pretty home.  The fabric is 'LaScala' by Robert Kaufman and the pattern is 'Sitting Pretty' by 'Among Brenda's Quilts'.  I used the hardboard by Innovative Craft Products but there a similar product available by Bosal.  Both brands are stiffer than Peltex or Timtex.  You wouldn't be able to use cardboard as you need to sew through it but if you are creative and have a heavy duty machine with fusible thread there are possibilities. 
I thought it is professional looking in the fancier fabrics.  The elastic tablet holders are in two colours because I got a package of hairbands from the dollar store and thought one was enough.  It took two but I like both colours so decided to be colourful rather than make a trip for another package.
Outside front and pattern taken with no flash


Full outside cover with flash so the colours are lighter than actual


Inside with iPad flat, no flash


Inside with iPad standing, with flash

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  1. Another wonderful pattern from "AMONG BRENDA'S QUILTS AND BAGS"


    Wish I had an IPad