Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April, May and June

Good grief time has flown!!  I am actually in the store today for a few hours.  Since the last post I have been out of the store as much as in.

April 12-14 we had a shop tour so the store was hopping for 3 days. 
Then I had a week to get ready for the Piecemakers Quilt show in St Marys for 3 days. 
There was one day to unpack and repack for the Ailsa Craig show.  It was great to see so many quilting friends and meet new quilters.  The efforts is so worth it.
After that show I had a week to get things put away and caught up in the store before heading to Kansas City.
Twice a year the quilting industry has a trade show.  In the spring it moves around so we have a chance to visit some interesting new cities.  Last week it was in Kansas City Missouri.  I walked and walked and walked.  I saw great new fabrics that we have to have, talked to big names in the industry about what they are doing and why, shopped and met authors. 
This week The Marsh Store has a booth in the Merchants Mall in St Jacobs from Thursday to Saturday.  Anne, Karen and Ela will be helping customers in the store.  It makes it so easy to be on the road when I know the store is in good hands.
Next week is another catch up week and a week to get ready for a workshop the week after.

The Canadian Embroiderers Guild London has a week long workshop in June.  This year Katie Pasquini Masopust is coming and I will be there 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.  I have been a fan of hers for, mmm, let's just say, many years. 

So in June I will take the time to write about all the wonderful new things I have seen and learned.  I can't wait to share!

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  1. And you are doing a great job on your travels! I visited the booth in St Marys, then Ailsa Craig and then visited the store to buy more of what I saw in the booth!!!

    See you again soon.