Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quilters Are Special

About this time when working on the blog I seem to get a little philosophical. So here is what I am thinking.
After attending a quilting conference far away alone I came to realize that whenever you meet a quilter you have found a friend. Carry a bag you have made or wear a quilted item and someone will ask, "Did you make that?" Most of the time she will be a quilter and you have found someone to share with.
Quilters are unique. The reports say quilting is a billion dollar industry. Quilters purchase fabric with the main intent of giving it away. We plan a quilt thinking about someone else. We spend hours of our time sewing and stitching thinking about the receipient. We support other families by investing in the time of a machine quilter. Sure, many quilters have a stash but it is there in case we need a quick shower gift, baby quilt, hostess gift or quilt for someone in an emergency loss. We make and give, hoping the receipient will feel the warmth and love stitched into the quilt. So out of that billion dollars, what percentage do we save for ourselves? 10 percent? How impressive are quilters? Obviously more than anyone realizes....except, perhaps, a knitter.

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